Tabara de Testare Timisoara #6 – Post factum

Here is some feedback from Eric Schmieder, our guest from last time:

“The introduction to Rapid Software Testing approach by James Bach  was very well done and highlighted several  common testing situation such as  insufficient information and extreme time pressure.   The hands-on class exercises helped the tester to develop a more sophisticated thinking  art  to deal with complete software quality assurance tasks.  The brief introduction  presented the students with a  short overview of a non-traditional testing approach  to  help quickly evaluate the functionality, maturity and usability of the software. Rapid Software Testing is a  Mission-focused test method  which helps eliminate unnecessary work and assures that necessary QA task get done in sync with speed of the project. The instructor  did a great job in presenting the material and encouraging the members  to participate in the class activities.”

de Eric Schmieder

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