Testimonial #2: Adi from TdT Cluj

There isn’t just one way to describe how TdT helped me even in the very short time that I was a member of this wonderful group of people, but I will try to do my best.

First and foremost you get to meet a lot of new people from your field with which you can share experiences and learn a lot just by having a conversation.
Second, there are the speakers, which, having a greater experience in QA and a willingness to share it, help every participant to learn new ways of testing, how to avoid certain issues and problems.

The above mentioned points help you as a person and as a QA grow and hone your skills.

But this is not all.
A lot of firms actually recognize TdT and their training as extra credit, personal involvement and ask the member to keep a presentation of what was learned from the meeting (at least this is what happens with me).

There are a lot of other social and professional ways that TdT helps it’s members, but that would mean making this story into a full blown book with several chapters, so, I will end the description with only the aforementioned points in hope that they will suffice.

Best regards,
Adi Vaiesu
QA Engineer,

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