Contest Rulebook

1. Organizers

The contest Tabăra de Testare is camping at EuroSTAR! is organized by the Tabăra de Testare (TdT) facilitators from București, Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Timișoara with the support of EuroSTAR Conference.

2. Timeline

  • October 21st – the contest is launched
  • October 22nd – October 29th – the participants submit their testimonials into the contest and the jury selects the testimonials for the final phase of the contest based on criteria listed in paragraph 3. Participants
  • October 30th – the winner is selected
  • November 25th – November 27th – the winner attends the EuroSTAR Conference
  • November 25th, 2014 – March 31st, 2015 – the winner shares his/her experience at EuroSTAR Conference with the members from TdT community.

 3. Participants

Eligible for entering the Tabăra de Testare is camping at EuroSTAR! contest are members of the TdT chapters that fulfill the following conditions:

  • they are a member of a Tabăra de Testare group on Meetup
  • attended at least one TdT meeting
  • agree with this rulebook.

 4. The contest mechanism

The Participants, as described above, will send a testimonial that will meet the following conditions:

  • is an essay of 200-700 words, in English, using the dedicated form
  • it describes in a fresh, original manner, the way in which attending one or more TdT events helped the participant in her/his career by developing certain skills or acquiring new knowledge
  • is written by the sender.

By entering the contest, the participants will agree to the following conditions:

  • TdT will publish the entire text of the selected testimonials on
  • TdT may use parts or the entire testimonial in promotional materials for the Tabăra de Testare community
  • the rules from this rulebook
  • the conditions bound to the winner, as described in paragraph 7. The winner commitment.

 5. The winner selection and his/her commitment

The contest will have a jury formed of a facilitator from each TdT chapter:

  • Andrei Pirvulescu from Tabăra de Testare București
  • Iuliana Silvasan from Tabăra de Testare Cluj-Napoca
  • Alina Ionescu from Tabăra de Testare Timișoara
  • Silviu Parvana from Tabăra de Testare Iași.

The jury will assess the conformance with the conditions imposed for the testimonials and the participants.

The testimonials that will pass the jury’s evaluation will enter the winner selection phase: they will be published on, each testimonial having assigned a unique ID in a sequential manner.

The winner will be chosen using

 6. The prize

The winner of the contest Tabăra de Testare is camping at EuroSTAR! will receive a “Conference only” ticket to the EuroSTAR Conference that will take place in Dublin, from November 25th to November 27th, 2014.

The ticket includes the sessions from the Tuesday PM until Thursday end of the conference.

The prize will not include the transportation and the accommodation for this event – this means that the winner will book and pay for own transportation and accommodation.

More information on the conference is available here.

The prize can be claimed within 24 hours from the moment the winner is informed about the result of the contest.

If the winner does not claim the prize within 24 hours, TdT will perform another draw from which the previous non-responding winner is omitted. This step will be repeated until somebody claims the price or we run out of testimonials :).

7. The winner commitment

The winner will commit to:

  • attending EuroSTAR Conference – the ticket cannot be sold or used by another person
  • real time sharing with the TdT members of the experience from EuroSTAR, by one or more of the following means: live blogging, Facebook photos, Twitter tweets; hashtags #esconfs #tabaradetestare will be used
  • writing a blogpost in English for and about the EuroSTAR experience
  • presenting an experience report for the local chapter that s/he belongs to, about the EuroSTAR participation or any interesting content from the conference, until March 2015.

Testers, write your way to EuroSTAR!

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