CITCON Budapest 2012 Open Spaces conference

Am primit urmatorul mail si m-am hotarat sa merg si eu. Ne facem un grup mai mare?


I’m emailing you as instructed by the page, after seeing that you have had a few English topics in the message board.
I hope you won’t take this email as spam, but since I have often traveled abroad to attend conferences, I thought maybe some of you(r members) might also be so inclined – especially given that this conference takes place in the region.
CITCON is an international open space conference and this year the European one will take place in Budapest on October 19-20 [1]. Since it is Open Spaces, it is impossible to predict the topics that will be covered, but the conference wiki lists past years’ topics [2], which can be a guide on what to expect – generally, the discussions are related to Continuous Integration, DevOps, (Automated) Testing, Monitoring, and reliable & predictable software delivery. The two main organizers are Jeffrey Frederick and Paul Julius.
The conference is free to attend, but of course, upon registration you could donate to help to cover the cost of the conference if you wish to.
If you agree that this might be of interest to your members, please do pass the information on to them (or let me know if I should post this into your message board – I wouldn’t want to do that uninvited).
Thanks and regards,
Peter Zsoldos”