1 year of meetups @ TdT Cluj

TdT Cluj celebrated one year of meetups on April 3, 2013.

A memorable meetup it was! With puzzles, cake and a short journey through all the past meetups – the perfect combination for both newcomers and “mayors”* of TdT Cluj.

The puzzles that we had to solve really kept us engaged until late at night (22+). You are probably curious about them, even more so if you see the positive reaction on the meetup board: http://www.meetup.com/Tabara-de-Testare-Cluj/events/108055752/

Since we worked in teams, not all of us got to see all puzzles and many of us want to have such a challenge again, therefore we hope to have the puzzles at another meeting again. Maybe you’ll join us from wherever you are!

Below is a summary of the topics discussed over the 11 meetups and 1 workshop that we had in Cluj.



*hint to Foursquare

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