About us

What is Tabăra de Testare (TdT)?

Tabăra de Testare, literally The Testing Camp, is a community of testers and other IT professionals from the IT industry who share knowledge and learn from their peers’ experiences during monthly meetings.

Meetup and meetups

What’s a meetup, you ask? Well, a meetup is a eponym word, designating an event, a meeting, derived from the name of the platform we use to organize our meetings.

In order to participate to the TdT meetings, you first have to join your group on Meetup:

Tabăra de Testare București

Tabăra de Testare Cluj

Tabăra de Testare Timișoara

Tabăra de Testare Iași

After that you will receive emails when new meetups are announced. By RSVPing YES to a specific meeting, you will get yourself a reserved seat and the opportunity to contribute to a learning experience.

You may be wondering what do testers learn at such meetups. During the last years, there has been a variety of topics, from soft ones to highly technical ones, organized in various formats. Let’s name some of them: workshops on test automation, presentations of testing experiences and practices, ludic sessions of real black boxes testing, webinars, testing clinics for when your testing hurts, outdoor camps with workshops. And because we are a community, you will get to know new people with at least one shared interest and a different perspective.

Like a content owner

TdT promotes sharing personal experiences and lessons learned, thus taking ownership of the content being presented to the participants. Also, we value active participation and this is why we have content owners and not necessarily presenters or speakers. As a content owner you will receive the support from the team of facilitators on matters related to organizing, delivering the content or managing the participant interventions.

If you can see yourself in this description, contact the facilitators team through the Meetup platform. If you are not sure, you are invited to one of our meetups. See you there!

The team of facilitators

Here is a video with the facilitators from the 4 chapters saying why we do what we do.