Call for Content Owners Autumn Camp 2017 – Version 5.0

Are you a Software Tester or do you work in a related field? Do you thoroughly enjoy knowledge sharing? Then tap into your experience and deliver a workshop at our Autumn Camp!

Whether you are still learning the ropes of public speaking or you are well-versed in conducting interactive sessions, this is the place to be. With the same hands-on approach as its previous editions, the Testing Camp invites fellow enthusiasts from across and beyond its four chapters to delve into an experiment for the better part of a prolonged weekend.

Because this is what the 2017 edition revolves around: Experimenting with various methods, approaches and tools, in a safe environment which fosters achievement and encourages a meaningful exchange, without the constraints of a certain product or workplace specifics. It aims at engaging content owners and participants alike in a relevant learning experience, ultimately prompting a change in mindset.

Moreover, with our assistance and feedback, you will get to brush up on your public speaking skills, which will definitely come in handy when you attend other national and international events.

If you wish to take part in this experiment and share what bugs you the most, then use the following form to submit your workshop proposal and join our passionate community.

Submissions will be accepted between September 1st and September 10th, so hurry up!

Last but not least, check out the Autumn Camp coordinates below:

  • What? –  “Experiments and Experiences”
  • When? –  October 26th – 29th 2017
  • Where? –  Silva Hotel, Busteni

See you there,

Your Testing Camp Facilitators


Risk Analysis in Software Testing with James Bach

The meetup held in October 2016 at Tabara de Testare Cluj was a special one: the content owner was James Bach who delivered an interactive presentation about Risk Analysis in Software Testing.

In preparation for his software testing courses, James did a dry-run of an exercise involving risks analysis and their effects in testing. James and the participants came up with test ideas for a level 4 self-driving car and afterwards compared notes. How was it? We will let you discover by yourselves: