Testing tours at TdT – a tester’s tale


The last TdT meetup was somewhat of a special occasion. For one it was a workshop instead of a presentation, which means that we formed groups to work together then presented and had discussions about our work that we had just done (instead of ONLY speaking from experience gained prior to the discussion). It was also “owned” by four people (instead of the typical one or two) which helped a lot with facilitating the discussion while we were working and as well as after, while discussing challenges and insights. I also had the opportunity to work with people I hadn’t had the chance to, which is always nice :-).
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Testability Tours – Testing Tours Meetup


Last week at the monthly meetup organized by Tabara de Testare four of our colleagues organized a workshop on Testing Tours – we call them content-owners @ Tabara de Testare. Even though many people have written on touring over the past 10 – 15 years, this technique seems very little known and used by practitioners. This is why when my colleagues chose this theme I thought it was a great idea. Also, there are many tours that I’m not familiar with, so it  was a good learning opportunity for me.

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“Examples of Tool-Supported Testing” cu James Bach


Pe 29 octombrie, James Bach a tinut o prezentare cu tema “Examples of Tool-Supported Testing” in cadrul Taberei de Testare Cluj. Ideile prezentate de el aduc o noua perspectiva asupra a ceea ce numim “testare automata”. De aceea ne-am hotarat sa publicam discursul lui “electrizant”, asa cum l-a caracterizat unul din participantii la eveniment, si pe site-ul TdT, pentru a fi disponibil tuturor membrilor TdT si nu numai.

Filmul are o surpriza la minutul dupa 1 ora si 32 de min, cand ramane doar sunetul disponibil din cauza unei probleme tehnice. Totusi am hotarat sa pastram si ultima parte din inregistrare pentru a prezenta intreg mesajul.

Exemplele de tooluri despre care vorbeste James pot fi gasite pe pagina de meetup a evenimentului.

II multumim lui James ca a raspuns invitatiei de a tine aceasta prezentare!